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The Silver Queen “Daenarys Targaryen”

The en famous television series of “Game of Thrones” weighs around a number of special central characters. The character of “Daenerys Targeryen" is one of the top most exciting characters in the drama series. "Emilia Clarke" acts as the Targerian princess who is wedded to the Dothraki leader, "The Great Khal", and she becomes the khaleesi as a matter of fact. She gets pregnant, but her beloved Khal encounters an untimely death. The khaleesi is bewildered by the thought of loosing her khal, she seeks the comfort of black magic and sacrifices her unborn baby to bring back her dead khal from the dead. But she only realizes all her efforts are in vain when her khal is brought back from the dead as a motionless Zombie. Then the great khaleesi offers her husband’s life and gives birth to her three dragon babies,Which she demonstrate in burning fire. And the khaleesi becomes the great mother of the dragon which brings her sheer power and reputation over a number of limitations.
The khaleesi who was once a targaryen princess, leads the tribe of dothraki and starts to gather an army to improvise on a mission to succeed the Iron throne which is held by the young Jeoffry Baratheon, who is the son of late Robbert Baratheon. And the great khaleesi empowered by her mighty dragons, marches towards the Baratheon kingdom and she uses her will power and her intelligence to manipulate the people whom they come across. The khaleesi takes control of a city full of treasure and wealthy enough to buy a lot of ships and soldiers. Then the khaleesi makes her move by buying out approximately eight thousand soldiers to aid her and she forces another city to release the slaves of that city so that she can win the trust of the slaves and bend their will to aid her course. The role of khaleesi is very inspiring and very impressive.